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Before we dare to start something new, it is inspiring to listen to other people’s experience, so perhaps an interview with the team “Pučkorniško”, contestants of last years “Bizness24h” competition, will give you a unique insight into their experience in participating in the competition and motivate you to challenge your entrepreneurial spirit!

Before we dare to start something new, it is inspiring to listen to other people’s experiences. Perhaps an interview from last year’s competition “Bizness24h” with one of the teams of contestants “Puchkorniško”, will give you an insight into their experience in competition participation and motivate you to challenge your entrepreneurial spirit!

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1. How many times have you participated in the Bizness24h contest?

We’ve participated once in the “Bizness24h” contest.


2. What encouraged you to take part in the competition?

The main things that encouraged us to participate in the contest were the desire for a new experience and the desire to go out of our comfort zone.


3. What are the most memorable things from the “Bizness24h” in 2020?

The most memorable things certainly are the sleepless nights, a lot of work, positive feelings, and enjoyable results.


4. How did your life change after participating in Bizness24h in 2020?

We started our business with a great range of knowledge.

Just after “Bizness24h”, we found ourselves ready for work. Although many sleepless nights, we wanted to continue our work. Also after the competition, we continued to work with the cooperation partners acquired in “Bizness24h”. We had good communication, so we were able to get new opportunities!

Because of the experience we had the opportunity to develop our business – creating computer glasses and selling products on the Internet.

The knowledge we acquired in “Bizness24h” allowed us not only to understand how the business environment worked but also gave us the motivation to start doing something – to believe that we really can!

We met a lot of young people and developed into a team of 13 people! It was not an easy road, but we tried and still are trying, by putting in our work and developing both our own and others’ knowledge! We are currently both working and studying to continue the work we started! Without “Bizness24h” it wouldn’t be possible because it was like a beginning – it allowed us to understand that we were capable of much more!


5. What, in your opinion, was the biggest benefit of participating in the competition?

From participating in the competition, we gained a lot of experience and, above all, an incentive to work harder. In addition, we gained something more valuable – the readiness to do. In our opinion, this is the main reason why everyone should participate in “Bizness24h” at least once in life.

Apart from acquired knowledge, you get the experience and inspiration for a new start.


6. Are you planning to participate again in “Bizness24h”?

Of course! This year, we will try to get 1st place, already with improved knowledge from the previous “Bizness24h” contest.


7. What do you wish to this year’s “Bizness24h” participants?

We wish everyone to gain as so much useful knowledge as we did and the motivation to develop Latvia’s business environment after the end of the competition, as we are doing!


8. Where did you find out about the “Bizness24h” contest?

We learned about the competition when the business teacher offered us the opportunity and we couldn’t miss it, so we signed up first.