• “Bizness24h” is the largest annual educational entrepreneurial promotion contest in Latvia, intended for young students. Through challenges presented by partners, participants are allowed to adapt to a real business environment and to experience the day-to-day life of a working entrepreneur. The competition takes place in 2 rounds, enabling participants to demonstrate both their existing skills and to acquire new skills in practical ways.

    The main aim of the competition is to educate and inspire young people, potential entrepreneurs, develop their talents and encourage them to fulfill their ideas. For this reason, the Bizness24h mission involves preparing, inspiring future leaders, and raising awareness about business thinking among young people.


  • Encourage students to develop a vision of their future goals, as well as to provide an opportunity to develop their knowledge and acquire new business experience.
  • Prepare potential future leaders in the labor market, taking into account trends and the economic situation in the market.
  • Develop awareness of the importance of business thinking and its application in practice.
  • Promoting the creation of new and innovative ideas with multi-faceted solutions.
  • Develop the skills to deal with problems.
  • Encourage and support future leaders in pursuing their business ideas.
  • Provide a general visualization in the business field.


  • To give the opportunity of feeling the real business environment by experiencing the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur with hands-on
  • Inspire the spirit of potential entrepreneurs and demonstrate opportunities of how to run a successful business to make a profit and develop the economy as a whole.
  • Prepare future leaders to work in a modern market economy.
  • Develop business thinking and the ability to solve problems with a new and innovative approach.


  • Stepping out of the box, acquiring new skills and knowledge
  • More in-depth insight into marketing, skills to create successful sales funnels and ads
  • Contacts for life with like-minded young people
  • Push to start your business
  • Opportunity to work together in a team