By: Kristers Rimšāns On: December 23, 2021 In: Posti Comments: 0

To encourage you to apply to Bizness24h a 2nd-year student of the Bachelor’s program in Business Process Management at the BA School of Business and Finance and the main organizer of Bizness24h in 2022, answered a few questions to introduce you to this year’s competition and what you can expect from it.


1. What motivated you to get involved in organizing “Business24h”?

I would say that the main reason was the opportunity to gain experience in organizing a large-scale event. Since childhood, I have been involved in organizing various events, including class evenings,  some birthday parties, and a little later school balls. In each of these events I have gained great satisfaction, inspiration to try even more and the opportunity to create joy for others, I also see “Bizness24h” as one of the events where I will try to find joy and inspiration for both the participants and the organizing team.


2. What is the biggest challenge in organizing this year’s “Business24h”?

The biggest challenge for me definitely will be to try to create a sense of community from a distance. When organizing events and participating in them, it is very important for me to make new connections – the opportunity to talk to and get to know like-minded people, to find out how they are doing with the given task, so I will try to think of a way to offer this opportunity to participants especially in the 2nd round of the competition.


3. What will be special about this year’s “Business24h”?

We were very inspired by the European Commission’s award, so we decided to go further. This year we will be also joined by participant teams from other European countries.


4. What should this year’s “Business24h” participants be prepared for?

Participants must be prepared to accept the opportunity to get into the real business environment and unite even more closely as a team because only by working together and trying to think like entrepreneurs will create the greatest opportunity to earn the title of “Business Guru 2022”.


5. Have you previously participated in “Business24h” or helped with the organization of the competition?

Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the chance to participate in the competition myself, but last year I was in the “Bizness24h” team and helped to organize the competition, which also really inspired me.


6. Is there anything you want to wish to this year’s “Business24h” members?

I definitely wish to the participants of Bizness24h to have positive thoughts, because they open up a lot of opportunities and also endurance that will definitely be useful, both in the 1st and 2nd round, and the best team members. I wish that everyone shows their entrepreneurial spirit and most importantly – not give up and fight till the end!