In short

Applicants who have applied for the competition will participate in the first round. (02.02.2022)

For round 2 will be nominated, up to 100 teams, or up to 300 participants. (24.02-29.04.2022.)

The 25 most successful teams, or 75 participants, will present their results to the jury at the end of the second round. (29.04.2022.)

You can see the competition’s regulations here – Bizness24h regulations!

Business case study – February 2nd 

For the first round of the competition, everyone who is prepared to challenge themselves and apply knowledge of business to reality is invited to apply. Each 3-member team will work on tackling a business case study. The team will be given a real business problem and several related issues. Teams will be expected to find solutions to solve the problem. Teams will be able to work online and consult professionals – mentors who will be able to give advice. The 1 st round of the competition will take place for one day. Based on the guidelines provided by the organizers, each team will have to put online their problem solutions in a specific format, which will be carefully evaluated by the organizers, according to the 1st round valuation conditions.

The first round will take place in English.

From the first round up to 100 teams, or 300 participants, that have the highest results, will continue in the competition.

Sales tunnels and online sales marathon       (24.02. – 29.04.2022)

Up to 100 teams, or 300 participants, participate in the marathon.

During the second round, teams will be provided with knowledge and tools to successfully sell a product online, and get real sales results. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in expert evenings, during which they can get an idea of business, as well as practical advice about the basics of e-commerce. In this round teams will be assessed for cooperation, creativity, persistence, communication skills, the ability to apply existing tools, and to go into the essence of the problems.

As part of this round, participants will have acquired not only the essential knowledge for these circumstances but also the skills needed for a modern entrepreneur.

At the end of the second round, the best 25 teams, or 75 participants, will present their sales results to a jury, who will determine which team has won the title Business Guru 2022.

In the second round, evening stories and presentations of the experts will take place in English, but participants will be able to work in a language they choose. The required time of the participant’s involvement in the period of the 2nd  round – 2 evenings per week for online lessons and extra time for independent project development. Answers to questions and tips from mentors will be possible to get in English.