Where will it be possible to connect to the Bizness24h Livestream?

The Livestream will be displayed on the “Bizness24h.lv” website, streamed on the “Youtube” site. No separate access is required to connect it.

When does the 1st stage start?

The first round will start on February 2 at 10.00 (GMT+2).

What is the timetable of the 1st stage?

A schedule of detailed events during the day can be seen in the Moodle system, as well as HERE.

What if I can't find emails?

We have sent the necessary information to the team captains. E-mails may appear in “SPAM” or another folder. Please check your inbox and find two emails related to homework information (sent out on January 28) and access to the contest (sent on January 27).

If you have not received the e-mails, write to our e-mail bizness24h@ba.lv or write to us in Messenger.

What if I haven't received access?

Check your email carefully. We only send access to team captains. If you are not the team captain, contact the captain.

If the team captain has not received the e-mails, write to e-mail bizness24h@ba.lv or write us in Messenger.

What if I don't have access, only the captain has it?

There is only one access sent, which is granted to the team captain. With this access, you can connect from multiple devices at the same time. Your performance will be evaluated as one team.

How to connect to Moodle system?

An e-mail sent on January 27 provides instructions for using Moodle. If you have any additional questions, please write us in Messenger.

When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced on February 17.

When is the lunch break scheduled?

The lunch break is planned according to the needs of the team members themselves, but a longer break is planned for 17:30 – 18:30 (GMT+2).

How do I interact with team members?

Since you are not required to connect with us online, you can organize the work how you want.

When will the 2nd stage take place?

The first event of the 2nd stage will be available on the evening of February 24. It will be streamed online, and we’ll keep you posted.

What will happen in 2nd stage?

You will learn unique online sales skills accompanied by mentor Uģis Strauss, as well as practically sell products online.